Friday, May 19, 2017

DT Clarinda - Mothers Day painting

Hello everyone,

This is my second post for this month's theme of - Mothers Day. I have chosen to share with you a page from my art journal in honour of my mum! You may have noticed that I am doing a lot of watercolour painting at the moment. I really, really love painting with watercolours over all other media. I love how messy it looks yet still looks great and I love how they blend yet keep their colours if it's done right, and I also love how quick it is! I have spent many hours with my copic markers, and I still love how it looks, but it takes soooo long, lol. Anyway I hope you enjoy this post.

Here is a sneak peak of the finished page:

And here is a picture of the items I used to create this page. The items include watercolour paper; adhesive foam strips (but you can use any adhesive foam); two water pens - one fine tip and one wide tip; one fine tip black pen - archival is best; brushos in lime green and olive green; Nuance powdered inks (very similar to brushos but much smaller *sad face*); liquid glitter glue - crystalina; and Koh-I-Noor solid watercolour paints. 

Below is a better photo of the Koh-I-Noor solid watercolour paints. I own a lot of different paints, and these were the cheapest out of them all. As you can see I have two sets, the ones in the black casing and the white casing and they both have different colours. I love them as they twist together for easy storage and for such a cheap paint they blend beautifully and have a great range of colours and are quite pigmented. I made myself a cheat sheet of colours for each tray as the colours can be deceiving in the tray.  

Anyway, this painting began as a scribble on some left over watercolour paper. I was just doodling flowers, so I decided to paint them. The flowers are painted using a wet on wet technique using the watercolours above and the watercolour pen with the wide tip. I then drew and painted the hearts using the Nuance powders. I just sprinkled some onto the pre wetted paper. You can use a fine tip water pen to move the water around to help with blending if you are after a certain look. I let them dry and then cut them out. I then placed them on a blank page in my journal to see where I would like them and placed a dot around where the top of each stem would need to be. Once I doodled the stem and leaves I wet brushed them and sprinkled them with the brusho's. I love the look they give with the multi colour speckles. I purposely did not blend them because I wanted that look. Once dry I wet washed the background and used foam adhesive to attach the flowers and hearts so they sit up off the page.... oh and I added cystalina glue to the center of each flower for a touch of bling.

I hope you enjoy my painting :)
Till next time

Clarinda xx

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