Thursday, February 26, 2015

Make it A Card Thursday - DT Deni - Let's get our print on

Hi Everyone!

Today is Make It A Card Thursday over at Auzz Trinklets N Krafts.

Today I don't actually have a card for you.. my children asked me to share their new stamps with you so that's what I am doing today :-)

I will get them to do these again on some cardboard so I can make some little cards up for them, but for starters until they worked out what they were doing I went with your normal cheap printer paper instead.

Ok, so I haven't shared my haul from this week with you all yet as it is rather a big one.. but this is something special that I ordered just for my 6 year old son Logan. We seen a video that Jennifer McGuire did a couple of months ago and my son was so excited when he seen this stamp set so I decided to order it for him. I also had to order new inks for him as I didn't have any that were little finger safe (or that I wanted to share hahha).

The stamp set is called In Print and it is from Clearly Besotted, I ordered these in through Auzz Trinklets N Krafts.. so if you are interested please contact them for pricing etc.

These pigment inks are great as they just wipe straight off the kids fingers with a baby wipe.

These ones above were done by my 6 year old son Logan, he doesn't like to get dirty etc so he actually used the fingerprint provided in the pack of stamps.

The ones above were done by my 10 year old son Jordan (he will be 11 tomorrow omg) Now he doesn't mind getting dirty so he actually used his own fingers to do the prints.

This is my share for today, I will do another blog post when we get time to do this again on thicker cardboard.

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