Saturday, June 29, 2019

Altenew Final Challenge for the completion of Educator Program

Wow! What an amazing Journey I had which I started from July 2018 and now here I am, completed my 25 great tutorials with absolutely amazing teachers from Altenew.

Before I go ahead and share my last Altenew Educator program post, I would firstly like to present a BIG THANK YOU to Virginia Lu and Erum Tasneem, who have been wonderful support throughout my Journey in Altenew Educator Program. They have guided me in every project I submitted, correcting me where ever I was wrong which helped me in just overall improvements. And last but not the least, Thank you to Altenew LLC and their team for giving me this opportunity to enroll myself and improve my work with their products for this Educator Program initiative.

And now back to my project. For my last challenge here are few points which I had to do and keep in mind.

·       Teach a 2-hour class in a classroom or workshop setting
·       There must be 4-10 students in attendance at the workshop.
·       Pre-workshop: planning and details of the workshop.
·       During the workshop: Google Hangout with Altenew team members.
·       Post-Workshop: report of the workshop, classroom projects and reflection on the class.

To fulfill my above requirements I organised my class on 21st June 2019 and 29th June 2019 at my store Auzz Trinklets N Krafts. I gathered few of my regular customers to conduct this Class, where I taught them 3 different types of Card.

Below are the cards which I taught them during the session

Card 1:

Materials for the card used:
  • ·      White base cardstock 8 ½’x 11
  • ·       Black cardstock 4 ¼’ x 5 ½’
  • ·       White cardstock 4’ x 5 ¼’
  • ·       Climbing Clematis Flower and Leaf  stamped die cuts
  • ·       Warm and Cozy , Golden sunset , Pocketful of sunshine and Greenfields Mini ink cubes
  • ·       A piece of vellum
  • ·       Couple of sequins
  • ·       Cozy Flannel Cover Die
  • ·       Coffee Break Mini ink cube set
  • ·       Altenew Antique Gold Pigment Ink pad
  • ·       Black colour from Altenew Watercolour Palette 
  • ·       Splatter Brush
  • ·       Glue, tape and Scissors.
  • ·       Glad Press N Seal
  • ·       Black Permanent Ink Pad
  • ·       MISTI

Focus for the Class:
  • ·       Let it shine : how to put embellishments or bling and Splatter
  • ·       All about layering : how to Layer your flowers and following the guide
  • ·       Partial die cutting; Using your die cover dies in for partial die cutting.

How to Make the Card:
  •   Take a Back piece of cardstock and stick the partial cut cover cardstock which is shown in the picture.

  •  Now splatter few black drops on the partial cover die using the Altenew Watercolour Palette and splatter brush.
  •  I stamp all my flowers and leaf using the layering guide which was provided on the back of the Climbing Clematis stamp. I have used mini ink cubes: warm and cozy, Golden sunset and Pocketful of sunshine for flowers, for leaves I have used Green Field.

  •   Start arranging your flowers as you like. Below I took two ways of arranging them. Once I was satisfied with my arrangement I headed over to my next step.
  • In order to have the same arrangements I used Jennifer Maguire’s Press N Seal technique where I took a piece and stuck that on my layered flowers until they are all temporary stuck on it.
  • Gently removing them from the base I applied glue on the flowers which I wanted to be stuck down and foam tape on the raised flowers and leaves. And then I took it back the way I lifted it, to have it placed the same I initially desired.
  •  I used the sentiments from the same stamp set and stamped in on the Vellum strip and then adhered it on the card base as well keeping in mind the 1/3rd rule.
  • To finish the card I stuck few sequins following the trick of putting them in triangle and also odd numbers which I learned in the class “Let it shine”.

 Card 2:

Materials for the card used:
  • White base cardstock 8 ½’x 11
  • White cardstock 4 ¼’ x 5 ½’
  • Shades of Purple Ink pad
  • Spring Bouquet 6 mini Ink cube pads.
  • Black Permanent Ink pad
  • Micron 01 pen
  • A study in Watercolour Stamp set
  • Baby Wipes
  • Altenew Tape runner
  • Altenew Antique Gold Spray
  • Altenew Halftone Hello Stamp
  • Extra piece of Cardstock for masking the area for sentiment.
  • Altenew Evening Grey and morning frost Artist Markers

Focus for the Class:
  • Let it shine : how you can Use Altenew Spays.
  • One Layer Wonder : how to keep your card to Minimal layer and yet they look beautiful
  • Basic masking: Simple masking technique used for sentiment.
  • All about layering: How can solid stamps be layered.

How to Make the Card:
  •   First mask the area which will be used for stamping the sentiment. I had used a piece of rough paper to mask the area.
  •  Now placing my stamps where I needed on the Neenah cardstock 4 ¼’ x 5 ½’ and stamped the different stamps with the inks from Shades of Purple and spring bouquet pink shades. I used two shades from each colour family.

  • First I stamped with the lighter colour. Now daube darker colour on the same stamp ( do not stamp yet) , using baby wipes I took off some of the ink from the sides giving it like a shaded effect and then stamped over the lighter stamped area.
  •   Once I completed my stamping, I removed paper from the masked area and with the help of T ruler I drew two lines with the Micron pen.
  •  I took My Artist maker evening grey first and made scribbles along the top and bottom line where I wanted the sentiments. Then I did the same thing with my Morning frost Artist marker too. (This gave the look of having a paper on top of the base for Sentiment).

  • I also did a little bit of shadow effect on the stamped flower and petals with morning frost Artist marker. I kept in mind my light and shade areas before putting my shadows.

  • Once this was all done I went ahead and stamped the sentiment on the side by using the word “hello” from Halftone Hello.

  •  To finish this card I splattered some Antique Gold from Altenew Spray. While I did this I masked my sentiment again so that I don’t get any gold splatter on my sentiments.

Card 3:

Materials for the card used:
  • White base cardstock 8 ½’x 11
  • black cardstock 4 ¼’ x 5 ½’
  • White cardstock 4’x 5 ¼’
  • Spring Bouquet 6 mini Ink cube pads.
  • Black Permanent Ink pad
  • Picket fence Blending Brush
  • Halftone Thanks stamp and Dies
  • Baby Wipes
  • Altenew Layered Kaleidoscope A & B
  • Few Water drop embellishments
Focus for the Class:
  • Let it shine : how to put embellishments or bling
  • Easy Die cutting: Using dies for stenciling.
  • Clean and Simple Boutique Cards.
  • Easy Ink Blending.

How to Make the Card:

  • Die cut out the Kaleidoscope layer A and B on a thick cardstock as they will be used for stenciling.

  •   Take the white Neenah Card stock 4’ x 5 ¼’ and place your stencil on top of it and position it on your craft mat so that the stencil does not more when doing the blending.
  •  I first used fresh lime Ink pad and then Fusia ink with my respective stencils.

  • Once I was happy with the results I then positioned my dies “Thanks” on the center of the card stock and die cut it out.
  •  I used the “for your thoughtfulness” from the coordinating stamp set and stamped on the white strip.
  •   When I die cut my thanks I managed to save the loose piece which I later on stuck it with the foam tape when I was adhering the rest of my card on the black cardstock.
  • To finish of my card I used few water drops which I had in my stash.

I am so happy for my class for both the days. I was so pleased and thankful to the girls who joined me for the class in learning those three cards. A big thank you to my three coordinators Virginia Lu, Erum and Nicole who gave me their continue support during my both class workshop. I would like to take an opportunity to share few pics of the Workshop which I conducted at my Store.

Pic 1: How I did my preparations for the class. Card Kits

Pic 2: Setup for the Class:

Pic 3: My lovely Students working so hard :

And Final Work from the girls :

Hope you all liked my cards and I love all my lovely students who came to learn those cards from me.

Hope to get more creation done with Altenew and see you all soon here reading my blog posts.


  1. Beautiful cards Neha ! Well Done and congratulations on your big achievements !
    Crafty Hugs

  2. BRAVO, Neha, for conducting such a fun and informative workshop. The atmosphere was so warm and relaxing! It was so fun and delightful to be part of your workshop. Your card samples and design are awesome! I love your assembling of the card kits ahead of the class and that really helped making things so much easier! We are so pleased that your diligence, hard work and talent really came through in this program. I strongly encourage that you continue to teach and reach out to stampers/non-stampers as you are amazing in teaching classes!Congratulations on teaching the Altenew Workshop.

  3. What a fantastic post Neha! Your projects look incredible and polished. I am sure everyone enjoyed the class and learned loads. Thank you for bearing with us and listening to us. You were a sport and I had a wonderful time with you :)
    Lots of good luck for your future Ms Altenew Educator <3


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