Saturday, July 9, 2016

DT Ness - Prima Moulds & Paperclay = "Love"

Hi all DT Ness here, 
I am very excited to be sharing with you my first project as a new team member at  Auzz Trinklets N Krafts
Here is my most recent experimenting....I really enjoyed these new moulds from Prima, there were easy to use and really beautiful designs.

I tried a few different brands of paperclay and had different results. The one I found I had better results with was Creative Paperclay. 

Some brands dried fairly "chalky" and broke easy, where as Creative Paperclay dried with a more plasticine feel and came out of the moulds easily. The clay usually dries overnight, but found I tried a few other ways of speeding up the drying process from a zap in the microwave, to time in the freezer. Once dried I filed the edges then painted with Prima "Artsian" powders and Finnabar Mica Powders.
The Prima Artsian powders really give the clay a metal look. 

This is my July design team piece for Auzz Trinklets N Krafts. All products available by request.

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